Have you been staying away from dating because you’re self conscious about your body? Well, you should know that people don’t care about that stuff as much anymore, and having a bit of stuff around the middle has even become a trend. It’s called Dad Bod and people are loving it! So, when you have a tire around the middle just hop on a toll free line. It’s a nice way to ease into dating when you are feeling a bit self conscious. Even celebrities prove that being a bit chunky is hot to many people.

Everyone loves the celebrity Chris Pratt. He doesn’t always have a dad bod, but in Parks & Rec he certainly retained his pudgy state for his character. He did have to lose it to buff up for his roles in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but his pudgy dad bod made him a hot number in the TV show. Everyone loves him due to his charming personality and hilarious humor, and of course his chunky persona is part of that.

Apparently if you are funny enough a dad bod is cool because another funny man, Adam Sandler, has been seen rocking some pudge all around. He doesn’t care about having a six pack, he only cares about making silly movies, fun songs and entertaining all of the people who love him.

Another guy who has already earned enough fame in his life for being hot and sexy is Pierce Brosnan. Now he has decided to go the other way, living his life and just having a good time. A bit of dad bod is actually healthy and could be a sign of strength, so don’t feel bad about it. Even a stud like Pierce has some extra stuff around the middle!

Get on a toll free chat today and beat your self conscious thoughts.