Remember that time when a phone rang you ran to the phone to make sure you didn’t miss the call? This isn’t happening anymore. People have so many other ways to get in touch with their partner or peers from texting, messaging apps and even mobile email. No one is pick up the phone and calling someone to ask a simple question.

Phone culture is dying and a lot of the reason that it’s declining is spam calls. A writer for The Atlantic said that the reason they don’t answer their phone anymore is because close to 80 or even 90 percent of the calls coming to their phone are some kind of spam. They even brought up the culture of text messaging into the reason for not answering calls. People get excited when they hear there phone go off because they think it is a text message, but if it rings more they don’t even bother to go pick up their phone because it’s a phone call.

Nowadays if you call someone you can’t expect them to pick up, but if you text them you are sure to get a response. People literally are texting others before calling to ask them if it’s a good time to talk or if they are free to talk. Luckily proper phone culture and etiquette are still used on our phone lines. If you call, someone is going to answer and you’re sure to have a great conversation or even set up a date.

There are thousands of men and women that want to chat every single day. These aren’t bots, these are real people with real feelings and desires. You have the choice of either using our live chat systems where you can talk to other singles in your local area or across the United States. Your next date or possible relationship is just one phone call away.