Nobody likes to deal with flakey people. They waste your time and can make you feel bad about yourself. So what do you do when someone is being flaky with you on the phone? The simple answer is to end the conversation. There are literally hundreds of people available for you to speak with at any given time on the chat lines so if someone is not giving you the time of day, nip it in the bud and move on. You can always be nice and directly ask the person that’s being flakey if something is going on in their life to make them that way or ask them if they can commit to a phone conversation or phone date with you. If not, then leave that luggage behind and get on the next call with a new person.

You are likely to tell within a matter of moments if you connect with the person speaking on the phone. If it’s not a good fit, end the call and redial the chat lines to peak with a new person. It’s as simple as that! Sometimes flakey people come as a surprise because they seem fully interested and may even have a great conversation with you. Luckily on the chat lines, there aren’t so many flakes to deal with like you would often with online dating or blind dating. This is because when you dial into the chat lines, you are instantly connected and can start having a conversation right away. With online dating, you typically have to message someone and wait for their response. With blind dating, the person you’re meeting will sometimes not even show up.

The chat lines never shut down and so you can speak with new people any time you want. The phone dating community is filled with people who actually know what they want, are direct, open, and non-judgemental. Now this doesn’t account for every single person on the chat lines but the majority is this way. So you are likely to build beautiful relationships and phone friendships.