Are you questioning whether your new phone boo is into you? No problem, I can help you with some sure signs that he likes you. Phone dating can be sometimes make it hard to tell I know but there are still clues out there to reveal how he feels.

He makes his phone dates and doesn’t cancel. This shows that he’s committed to the time you both have decided to set aside for one another. You may just be getting to know him but if he shows up, he likes you and it’s one easy way to see he’s interested.

He actively tries to make you smile or laugh through his words. Seriously listen to what he says and how he says it. This communicates a bunch. If he’s enjoying speaking with you, it will show. An example is if he communicates something personal, you can tell he feels comfortable with you. This is another obvious sign that he likes you.

If he shows interest in what you like and let’s you speak on it, he may not truly love the thing but he likes you so he will learn to like the thing. This is really apparent though in-person relationships but you can also see this subtly in phone dating.

Honestly, if you are continuing to have phone conversations and he keeps showing up, he’s interested. It may be time to ask yourself what do you want to happen next with your phone friend?

If you’re up for it, ask for it. Maybe that’s phone sex and fantasy play or maybe that’s meeting in-person for the first time. I am sure if you ask him out on a date, he will say yes and if he says no you can hang up and speak to any fine man on the chat line.