Where is there? You know where! A recent study printed in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy wanted to find out how women liked to have their clitoris touched. Should you be licking, flicking, nudging, rubbing or lightly sucking? Chances are you should be trying all of these methods out to see what your partner really likes and if you are on a sexy phone call with one of our hotties, ask her what her preference is. Or go in with a lick and suck and ask her if she likes it! Remember, communication is key, we can’t stress this enough when it comes to having an amazing experience on our one on one lines.

So without further ado, here are some of the results from the study. The best part is that not only does it provide good fodder for a sexy conversation, but if you have a partner in real life, it can give you some insight on how she really wants to be touched!

So 37 percent of the women surveyed revealed that they need clitoral stimulation to orgasms and that’s a big deal. 36% of respondents said that they don’t need it to cum but when it is incorporated it makes their orgasms way better. So right off the get go it became apparent that women have different orgasms. Some are awesome and some are average. According to the women surveyed, 78 percent said they have better orgasms when there is foreplay involved and they are allowed to take their time to build up to a climax.

Now that you know you need to let them take their time, another tip to keep in mind is that 67 percent like to be touched directly on the clit, 45 percent liked to be touched alongside their clit and 25 percent enjoy a light brushing of the clitoris. The survey goes on to reveal that most women enjoy and up and down touch followed by a circular motion with medium to light touches being the popular pressure options.

So the key take away here is that every woman is different and if you want to have great sex you need to engage her clitoris, take your time, let her build up to an explosive orgasm and be sure to ask her what she likes in the heat of the moment. We will just put it out there that a great way to become fluent in sex talk is to call into our phone lines and get a little sexy talk on for yourself!