There are plenty of masturbators and toys out there, and it is important to get the right lube. Here are a few notes about lube that can help you pick the right lube to get the job done while you talk on toll free chat.

Pumps are the often the best kind of lube bottle to use if you want to keep one hand clean and free to hold your phone. Other bottles can get stick or leak a little into your free hand as you dispense the lube.

Lube Types

Silicone – This is often considered the slickest form of lube. It is great for masturbating with your hands and for select toys (glass, for example), but many toys should not be used with silicone-based lubes. In addition this form of lube is not to be used with condoms and latex.
Water Based – This is usually the recommended lube type for toys, and is great to have around regardless of whether you use them. Different lubes are best for different body types and people, so trying a few out to find the best one for you is a great plan. Remember that when you use lube, you should clean yourself after using lube before bed (or any time). Your skin will thank you.

Hybrid -These types of lubes can be the best of both worlds. While silicon-based lubes are very slick and water based lubes are great for using with toys, hybrids often give you a balance of both. Make sure to research Hybrid lubes online before using them on toys though, it’s best to be safe and make sure they work with your toys before slathering them up.

In addition to pump bottles, another pro tip for using lube is to remember that often a lot of lube is not needed, is should be enough to be comfortably slick and get the job done. This can help save money too, which is a bonus.

Many people end up finding a lube that they love the most. Sometimes the journey takes a while, but trying new lubes until you find the one that works best for you definitely adds a lot more pleasure into life. You may find a favorite, but it is best to try out new lubes and have a few that you like with specific toys.