Over the years we have gathered reviews from users around the globe that love phone dating, the community, and the connections they have made so much that they have taken the time out to express it. Phone dating is an alternative dating to blind dates, regular dating, and online dating. People speak to one another over the phone and make connections based in truth and shared hobbies and interests. People have flings, bootie calls, dating, and long-term dating all by meeting someone they spoke with on the phone.

Happy users have said that phone dating allows for more genuine connections because things like image and status are left for a later date and usually after you get to know someone well.

Sara from St. Louis said, “Phone dating really helped me to figure out what I want and what I don’t want. I can take my time and get to know someone and decide with them when it’s best or if it’s best to meet in person.”

Jordan from Miami said, “ I tried out phone dating about a year ago for the first time because I had no dating life due to how shy and nervous I was around women. Phone dating has helped me gain confidence and now I have conversations with several women a day.”

Kendra from New Orleans said, “I was so tired of meeting fool after fool and didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. A friend told me about phone dating and to be honest, at first I laughed in her face but I tried it out anyway just to see what it was like. Little did I know that I was basing my love interest off of looks and not getting to know people before phone dating. It has changed my entire game and outlook on love.”