When it comes to technology, two devices have reigned supreme to connect humans: the phone and the computer. Without these two devices you wouldn’t be able to read this blog post, let alone call into our phone lines. Can you imagine life without a phone or computer? We can’t. Some people have preferences and use one more than the other, but they are both equally as important when it comes to our everyday communication.

The phone is smaller, lighter and easier to travel with. It fits in your pocket and it’s easier to hold in your hand than a computer or laptop. Smaller means way more mobile, hence why they call it a “mobile phone.” You can connect to the internet while on the go, which means connecting to our phone chat line website and soon connecting to our phone chat line.

The mobility of a cell phone allows you to connect to our chat lines whenever and wherever you want. If you’re feeling horny and not connected to a computer or not near a landline you can call our phone sex line from the park or a local bar. A desktop computer gives you a larger screen, which is easier to read books and websites on. They are great for video games and movies instead of squinting on your smartphone.

A laptop is a type of smaller computer that is portable like your phone. They are great for when you’re on the run and out and about. You can set it up in a local park with WiFi, internet café or coffee shop. With the new technology now you can call people on your laptop now, so you could plug in your phone’s headphones and call our phone lines from anywhere.

So basically phone is to computer as computer is to phone. You can connect to our live chats with both a phone and computer now. The only decision you need to make what callers are of interest to you. You can request live conversations with other callers or send them messages with both a phone and computer. All callers are calling from the privacy of their home or office and even on the go now.