I have always been a shy person so much to the point that my date life was slacking. A friend of a friend told me about phone dating and I decided to give it a try. You know that feeling right before you have to give a presentation in front of your class or at work? Hands trembling a little bit? That’s how I felt the first time I dialed in to the chat lines. My hands were shaking a bit as I spoke with someone on the phone and I knew she could tell I was nervous but that didn’t stop her from speaking with me. She picked up on the fact that I was anxious and knew exactly what to do. She started telling me stories about herself and her life. Some were funny, others were sad and even some of them made me feel happy for her. After some time I started to calm down a little bit. She calmed me down by being so open and not making my nervousness a big deal.

In the beginning when she would ask me questions, I would take my time and answer them in as little words as possible. But over time I began to feel more and more comfortable with her and opened up to her about things slowly. She made me feel like that was okay and that it was okay to just be me. We are now still phone dating about once per week. She’s a great person and I have truly found my voice and gained confidence.

If you’re shy, I suggest trying phone dating as you are likely to find someone as I did who can help you come out of your shell. The chat lines are open 24/7 and there is always someone available to chat with. If you get too nervous or if the phone conversation isn’t going well, you can always hang up the call. You can redial the chat lines whenever you feel ready to speak with someone new!