Motorola is set to unveil their newest smartphone, the Moto Z3 Play, but it may have another smartphone in it’s chamber: the Motorola One Power. A lot of tech geeks and cell phone aficionados are saying the Motorola One Power looks a lot like the iPhone X. It’s design and placement of it’s rear-facing camera mirrors the iPhone X’s design.

The Motorola One Power is said to be the American multinational telecommunications company’s next big release. Though not much is really known about the phone but it’s biting everything about the iPhone X. The leaked photos show the “Android One” logo on the back of the phone, which would put the One Power with the Moto X4 and Nokia 7 Plus that run the unmodified Android operating system.

Android One is guaranteeing major Android updates for the next two years and security updates for three years after the phone’s release. The Power One is rumored to be Moto’s flagship phone, hence why it copies the iPhone X. The Moto Z-series has been the company’s flagship phone over the past few years. The One Power will likely be a mid-range phone, so it’s interesting it is rumored to be the company’s newest flagship phone. The phone will launch in the US and could be available in other countries after the initial launch.

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